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Reviews of Nicolai Sennels’ book “Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experiences from Copenhagen Municipality”:

PsykologNyt, October 2009 Blandt kriminelle muslimer“: (the official magazine for professional psychologists in Denmark: “The book Among Criminal Muslims is a provoking eye opener, convinsing and well founded and with concrete examples. It should be read especially by people who think, that “more of the same” (that does not seem to work) is good.”

Official magazine for teachers of adolecents “Ungdomsskolen”, #3 April 2009: “I skyggen af Twin Towers”: “Sennels’ observations and critical analyses concerning our work with criminal youth deserves great attention.”

PM Naser Khader (writer of the bestseller “Honor and shame. The islamic family- and life pattern in Denmark and the Middle East.” and starter of the muslim association Democratic Muslims) has reviewed the book under the title “Read the book, Minister of Integration”: “The professional expertise that Nicolai Sennels has, is exceptional and with Nicolai Sennels’ clear and practical examples throughout the book the reader gets unprecedented insights in the courses of the integration problems. The book ought to be obligatory reading on all schools for teachers and social workers.”

Jyllands-Posten, February 25th 2009, reviews the book in their article “Project on criminal Muslims”:“The book is an original piece of pioneer work because of the psychological focus on the individual’s responsibility and by including religion in the understanding of the young peoples’ identity.”

Weekendavisen, March 6th 2009, reviews the book under the heading “Cultural gaps”: “An exceedingly informative book that is made especially relevant seen in the light of the continuing gang riots. Many have talked about criminal foreigners but very few talked with so many young criminalforeigners as Nicolai Sennels.”

Danish Police’s official member magazine, #2 2009 “Dansk Politi”He paid a high price for giving his opinion“: “During his work Nicolai Sennels developed a special kind of therapy aiming at helping the ethnic youth to take responsibility for their own life. They should learn not to see themselves as victims.”

Readers’ comments
A letter from Pakistan

Dear Nicolai Sennels

I happened to read some of your writings on the internet regarding collective psychology of the Muslims and I happen to agree with you on many points. Being myself grown up in a deeply religious family inside a religiously-mad Pakistan, you can imagine the training I received. It was a mental torture growing up in this society and I felt more and more misfit. I was expected to behave angrily at others over situations which could offend my “pride” but I couldnt make myself behave like that and thus developed a severe kind of guilt and self-disdain for myself at that time. I still feel the effects of that. It was when I moved to Germany and lived there for a few years while studying there that I found calmness and became at ease with what I was. Now I no longer believe in this hell of a religion but since I am back in Pakistan while being married to a cousin (as common in muslim countries like us, pressured into by my immediate family) I am starting to develop a feeling of hopelessness. Whatever, just wanted to share my feeling with someone who could understand my situation. As I cannot openly discuss what I believe here in Pakistan.

While at the time living in Germany, I started to appreciate the values of western civilization and at the same time it would give me pain as to what was happening to it in the name of multiculturalism. The muslim are slowly and gradually destroying whats beautiful in your society. And the people who stand up for that are considered hate mongers and extremist (rightists). I hope the people of europe recognize the situation building around themselves and once it is done then getting rid of this islamic menace is not difficult though it may hurt at the beginning.Atleast you have hope and very good chance of getting that, here no such hope in Pakistan.

Anyway wish you success in whatever you do and may your work result in opening up the eyes of the people in europe.


A. U.”

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